NEW YORK – April 4, 2023Behavox, the leading provider of AI-driven compliance solutions, is making its Benchmark Test Datasets available to the industry. The datasets, mapped to specific risks and regulations, are designed to simplify the evaluation process for compliance professionals, monitors, and auditors, while ensuring the effectiveness of their surveillance programs.

The Behavox Benchmark Datasets were created by over 200 compliance professionals and have been carefully reviewed. They incorporate enforcement cases and years of experience, offering a robust dataset for evaluating the performance of AI solutions and lexicon scenarios.

These datasets are accompanied by detailed instructions on how to perform outcomes analysis and calculate recall and precision metrics. The release follows the launch of Behavox LLM, the most powerful domain-specific and task-specific AI for compliance surveillance, delivering unprecedented accuracy of compliance alerts. Behavox LLM captures 84% of risk phrases in the Behavox Benchmark Datasets, compared to mid-teens for lexicon scenarios.

Alex Glasman, Chief Data Scientist at Behavox, said, “Sharing Benchmark Test Datasets is considered best practice in AI, and it is a crucial part of rolling out AI responsibly. By making our Benchmark Test Datasets available, we aim to encourage collaboration and transparency across the industry, as well as improve the overall effectiveness of compliance surveillance.”

Fahreen Kurji, Chief Customer Intelligence Officer at Behavox, added, “For years, the industry has been grappling with inconsistent evaluation methodologies for surveillance programs, with the main pain point being the creation of planted content. With Behavox releasing its Benchmark Datasets, planted content can now be done as simply as copy and paste.”

With this announcement, Behavox invites consulting firms, regulators, academia, financial institutions, and auditors to review, use, and contribute to the Behavox Benchmark Test Datasets.

To experience AI for Compliance live in action, join Behavox on April 6th in New York at their AI Summit. See how and why we have outperformed ChatGPT and learn more about explainable and effective AI compliance solutions.

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