How Compliance Teams Can Meet Regulatory Challenges of 2021

The past 12 months have been extraordinarily complex for companies as they navigated the compliance issues resulting from the shift to working from home. Regulators have been relatively lenient towards companies during this period, but they’ve made it clear this will no longer be the case in 2021.

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Wednesday, February 24th

10am EST | 3pm GMT

In this webinar, industry veteran and visionary Bob Mendelson, former CCO at Sculptor Capital Management, discusses how to approach some of the key challenges and heightened expectations compliance teams face in 2021.

  • Best practices for evaluating, updating and creating policies for a distributed workforce
  • How human intelligence & artificial intelligence feedback-loops inform policy and procedure updates and training programs
  • The technology required to monitor for the increasing number of communication platforms

Speaker :

Bob Mendelson

Former CCO

Sculptor Capital Management