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Behavox would like to invite you to an industry roundtable in London on capture and surveillance of communications on instant messaging platforms.

Building on the 2022 December 1st roundtable, the conversation this time dives deeper into specific areas of concerns such as:

  • Are you proactively reaching out to regulatory bodies or waiting for the inevitable knock on the door?
  • Can AI actually be useful in catching instances of “channel hopping” in electronic communications data?
  • How are you handling instances where:
    • Employees are using instant messaging channels to send voice notes.
    • Instances where employees are editing messages after sending them or deleting them – are you able to effectively capture and monitor this?
  • Is probing employees’ personal devices in response to evidence that communications have been taken offline an effective measure?
  • Many individuals believe that they are untouchable until a meaningful example is made. How are you driving personal accountability?

Behavox roundtables are in-person only, governed by Chatham House rules. No video or audio recording is permitted.

Thursday, January 19

8:00am – 10:00am BST (Roundtable)
Breakfast served at 8:30am BST

1 Lombard Street
1776 Private Dining Room
1 Lombard St, London EC3V 9AA

This invitation does not constitute gifts/entertainment and there is no entrance fee and no preparation required. Should you have additional questions or are unable to register online, please reply to [email protected] and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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