Behavox PR

Behavox, a pioneering artificial intelligence data analytics firm, today announced it is hosting an exclusive event in Singapore on 26 September, focusing on the benefits of cloud adoption and its related compliance issues for the financial services industry.

The Behavox event will be held at the Black Swan restaurant and will feature a panel discussion on the benefits of cloud adoption so that financial services organizations can transform the way data can be used across an organization. The panel will be comprised of representatives from Behavox and Standard Chartered’s Cloud Engineering team.

Confirmed guests for the event are financial industry leaders, regulatory figures and other senior representatives from the world of finance in Singapore, comprising senior management, legal, compliance and technology experts from the industry.

Behavox is winning important contracts with leading financial institutions, including government-affiliated entities, across the Asia-Pacific region. The company’s machine learning software enables firms to search and generate immediate insights from enormous amounts of employee-generated data, including emails, text messages, trade data and voice calls, all tracked in real-time. Behavox has built the first behavioral operating system with an eventual focus extending beyond compliance into areas such as productivity, culture, and revenue generation.

Syafiq Saadi, Behavox’s account management team lead for Singapore, said, “Behavox is delighted to bring together multiple financial industry leaders and technologists in Singapore to discuss how cloud adoption is transforming operations and the business potential in financial services. Machine learning and artificial intelligence cannot be ignored by the most progressive C-Suite leaders.”

Attendance at the 26 September event is limited to the extensive network of professionals that are part of the Behavox Compliance Community. Behavox has developed a thriving community of compliance professionals who meet regularly for roundtables, exchange experience and advice, receive specialist newsletters, and take part in other informative, networking events. These professionals work for brokers, banks and asset managers in advisory as well as within the first and second lines of defense, and other essential risk functions.

The community is active in London, New York and Singapore. It is free to join for anyone with the requisite experience.