Jody Houton

BeWomen, a Behavox initiative that enables its growing, global workforce to have access to industry insiders and thought leaders, returned last week, with a fireside chat with Carolina Brochado, Founding Partner at EQT Growth.

Prior to EQT Growth, Carolina was a partner at the SoftBank Vision Fund, where she was responsible for investing in global growth stage companies – one of which was Behavox. 

During the session, Carolina explained the motivation behind the US$100 million investment in Behavox.

I spent a lot of my career in fintech, so, of course, I had been tracking Behavox from the beginning, and immediately recognized the pain point [it was solving], and also the teams’ hustle and drive to win, which is one of the things we look for when investing in companies.

Carolina Brochado, Founding Partner at EQT Growth

When asked what is was specifically about Behavox that excited the team at the Vision Fund, Carolina said: “It was very clear that, from the first time I met Erkin Adylov, [CEO and Founder of Behavox], that there were lots of tailwinds that were driving growth in the business.” 

“The complexity that financial firms have to deal with won’t go down, there will be more communication channels, more employees will work remotely, more messages will be sent than ever, and companies will have to move to the Cloud. At the same time, the regulatory scrutiny is increasing, the charges are increasing, and throwing more people at the problem isn’t a solution that’s going to work.”

It was during her time at the Vision Fund, in 2019, that Carolina assisted Fahreen Kurji, Head of Customer Success at Behavox to launch BeWomen.

Fahreen, who moderated the catch-up session, explained further how the initiative was born, and how such knowledge-sharing is so integral in the development of Behavox, and its team.

“Four years ago, when I was an intern at Behavox, I was part of a small team of 20. I was one of three women in the company. I was fortunate because, as it was a small team, I had access to all of the senior leaders, and had the opportunity of establishing very influential and important relationships.”

As Behavox grew (the company currently employs around 220 members of staff), it became increasingly difficult for everyone to have that same unbridled access to leaders, and knowledge-sharing became more challenging. 

“So, when I became a leader (the first woman in a leadership role) at Behavox, I wanted to make it easier for everyone, not just women, to benefit from the access to the insights, and inspirational leaders that I received.”

BeWomen also aims to provide Behavox staff with a platform and opportunity to become thought leaders and speakers in their own right.

“This is what BeWomen is,” said Fahreen. “It has grown into a launchpad for everyone at Behavox – not just women – to become thought leaders in their own right. We are a very diverse, multinational team, and we want to empower all of our people, regardless of cultural expectations or constraints.”

Watch the full fireside chat, and Q+A session, below.

In the session, Carolina answers a multitude of questions, including what her biggest challenges have been up to date, emerging trends in the financial services industry, and much more.

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