Jody Houton

Workplace misconduct, such as corporate sabotage or sexual harassment, is taking place, regardless of whether people are working in the office or at home. How aware are HR departments of the illegal and harmful misconduct occurring at their companies?

As revealed in Chapter 1 of the Enterprise Conduct and Risk Report, the percentage of employee respondents aware of video conferencing misbehavior is startling enough, but the revelation in Chapter 2 that almost double the percentage of HR respondents are aware of inappropriate behavior should be significant cause for concern for any Compliance, HR, Security, IT, and management team.

Almost 3 out of 10 HR respondents admit non-employees are listening in to meetings. This poses serious compliance concerns.

Who is listening? What happens if meeting notes fall into the wrong hands? What happens if competitors discover trade secrets or confidential corporate strategies?

If financial regulators discover that material non-public information (MNPI) has been shared or heard by the wrong people, then organizations may find themselves in breach of compliance laws and subject to penalties or significant fines.

If HR, Chief Security Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Legal and Compliance teams know that non-employees are eavesdropping or willfully introducing security threats, then they need to take action immediately. Failure to do so could result in data leakage, which could have catastrophic ramifications for a business.

A negligent HR department is a dangerous liability that exposes your organization to unnecessary risk. Without visibility into misconduct and risk, firms are walking on thin ice.

In the next blog, we will unpack why employees are not reporting every incident of misconduct, and why HR appears to be falling so short in addressing issues in the workplace.

Workplace misconduct, whether online or in person, is unacceptable, with real-world repercussions. The financial implications to negative press coverage, brand damage, and subsequent executive dismissals can surpass that of even the most expensive regulatory fine.

Behavox Conduct can help protect your organisation from a company-ending crisis.

Download the second instalment of the ECR Report here.

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