Jody Houton

We are pleased to announce that The Jordan Company is the latest private equity firm to select Behavox to help improve its regulatory compliance program, and overhaul its archiving functions.

Through the use of Behavox Compliance, The Jordan Company will be able to quickly and accurately identify non-compliant activity to protect its reputation and company culture.  

“The Jordan Company is the latest private equity firm that leverages Behavox to deliver efficient regulatory compliance, protect proprietary information and generate valuable data insights related to the operations of the firm,” said Nabeel Ebrahim, Chief Revenue Officer of Behavox.

The Jordan Company will also be using our recently enhanced Behavox Archiving product, which provides a single access point for all data across its organization. Behavox Archiving greatly improves the speed and accuracy of data retrieval associated with email, messaging, and voice communications. 

Behavox’s multilingual enterprise solution enables clients to analyze data from more than 150 data types from internal communications, such as voice, email, text, social media, chat and collaboration on a variety of corporate and non-traditional applications, including Microsoft Teams, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp and Zoom.