Behavox PR

Despite a year marred by sudden, merciless stress, we continue to forge ahead, fortifying our business in support of our customers.

In February, we announced that SoftBank is investing $100 million to help Behavox grow at scale. In April, we announced our inaugural Board of Directors, welcoming a diverse group of leaders with esteemed backgrounds from the SEC, SoftBank, and the tech sector.  

Yesterday, we announced our latest corporate development, appointing a new Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer. These prominent board and business leaders hail from the finance, technology, and regulatory spaces. They join chairman and CEO Erkin Adylov to provide governance, support, and leadership as the company expands brand awareness, customer demand, and operational capacity. 

Board members:

  • Jeff Diana, former Chief People Officer at Atlassian and SuccessFactors
  • Lucio Di Ciaccio, investment professional at SoftBank Investment Advisers
  • Avi Golan, operating partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers
  • Michael Piwowar, executive director of the Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets and former commissioner and acting chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Yesterday’s leadership team additions:

  • Neil Wu Becker, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Derek Sidebottom, Chief Human Resources Officer

The board and senior leaders will help us meet growing customer demand for our end-to-end data aggregation, analytics, and risk management solution. In fact, we see signs that the current work-from-home environment will make this solution even more necessary, particularly as customers broaden the physical boundaries of regulatory compliance, code of conduct, and corporate cultures from offices to their homes.

Simply put, our customers need us now more than ever. That’s why, despite the macroeconomic climate, we are conscientiously investing in growing our business through greater demand generation, customer engagement, and organizational scale. This is not the time for us to retreat from engaging with our customers or loosening our service.

Quite the opposite.

In times of duress, you get closer to your customers. That’s a golden rule. Our corporate stability puts us in a favorable position to continue enhancing our value to more and more customers. The timeliness of the board and leadership appointments provides added reinforcement to this cause.

Golan oversees tech and science portfolios at SoftBank. He held leadership roles at Google and Air New Zealand. Di Ciaccio specializes in high-growth technology companies and has previous experience serving as a board member at Gympass. 

Diana and Piwowar join the board after serving as advisors to Behavox since January 2019. Piwowar’s experience as former commissioner and acting chairman of the SEC will provide considerable regulatory perspective and guidance, helping Behavox serve as a trusted partner and market-leading solution provider for its customers. Diana has a track record in human resources of successfully scaling high-growth, pre-IPO companies. His experience continues to come in handy as the company expands its team to meet growing customer demand.

In addition to our new board, we welcome Chief Marketing Officer Neil Wu Becker and Chief Human Resources Officer Derek Sidebottom. Wu Becker specializes in B2B enterprise marketing for pre-IPO, unicorn, SaaS and public technology companies. He held top marketing positions at Apttus, A10 Networks, Micron, and Cisco and will help grow brand awareness and customer demand on a global scale.

Sidebottom has held HR leadership posts at Dosh, LendingHome, Rocket Fuel, Inc., and Kabam. He will cultivate and implement a world-class talent acquisition program necessary for this growth-oriented phase. 

Read what our new board members and senior leaders have to say about joining Behavox in our Board of Directors and key leadership announcements. We are not slowing down. Our job is to make sure our customers don’t either.