Jody Houton

Fahreen Kurji, Chief Customer Intelligence Officer at Behavox joined other thought leaders from the world of finance and compliance in a fascinating panel discussion at New York University last week.

Entitled Assessing Effective Compliance, Fahreen participated in a lively hour-long debate with industry experts and academics about the role and responsibility of AI-powered technology for surveillance and compliance.

Joining Fahreen on the panel were Vasant Dhar, Professor at Center for Data Science at New York University, Avi Gesser, Partner at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, and Haimera Workie, Head of Financial Innovation and Senior Director at FINRA.

Topics included why organizations are turning from traditional approaches to compliance, such as lexicon search, and random sampling, and how cutting edge AI and machine learning models could address the limitations of traditional approaches. 

The panel also tackled questions related to how the effectiveness of AI can be measured, and whether the use of AI in compliance creates unintended issues in regards to bias and equality.

After addressing potential issues, the discussion turned to the benefits, and “unparalleled opportunities” that such innovative technology can provide.

For example, as AI and machine learning technology can review millions of communications, including email, instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing platforms, it is the only feasible way to have complete, comprehensive coverage of a company’s data – its digital headquarters. This is especially true with regards to capturing voice data, as it is only with recent developments in speech analytics, and transcription capabilities that a viable alternative to random sampling has been devised.

Behavox uses AI and machine learning technology to identify illegal, immoral and malicious behavior. While financial institutions may be more concerned with compliance breaches like insider trading or market manipulation in their employee communications, this technology is now increasingly being used to safeguard against employee misconduct like harassment, bullying, and discrimination in work communications. 

Behavox has a packed month of events coming up in April, including a Behavox webinar on April 6, at 11am EST, in collaboration with AWS, and Perella Weinberg Partners. Register here for the Beyond the Regulatory Tickbox event to discover how cloud technology can help leading financial institutions meet complex compliance challenges.

The following week, on April 13 at 12pm EST, we have a a fireside chat with Nabeel Ebrahim, Chief Revenue Officer at Behavox and Ryan Taylor, Group Head of Compliance at Brevan Howard, where they will discuss emerging risks and bad actors in compliance.