Josh Ballard

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Red Box, a leading voice data specialist, to help maximize the value of captured audio for our customers.

At a time when organizations are operating with a distributed workforce and using an ever-increasing suite of communication channels, it’s imperative that no stone is left unturned when it comes to identifying risk. The only way that firms can protect themselves against the threat of employee misconduct is to ingest and analyze communication data from as many sources as possible, including email, messaging apps and voice.

Our integration with Red Box ensures that Behavox customers can ingest audio conversations from a variety of channels, such as phone calls, video conferencing and collaborative applications. This data integrates seamlessly with our compliance and conduct solutions to enable the delivery of detailed, actionable analytics that help customers to avoid regulatory fines and preserve the integrity of their operations, as well as the hard-earned trust of their own clients.

“Our partnership with Red Box will take us one step closer toward our goal of organizing all the enterprise data in the world and making it useful for our clients,” said Kiryl Trembovolski, Chief Operating Officer, Behavox.

“As dispersed workforces are now the norm and regulators continue to issue landmark fines, now more than ever financial firms have little margin for error. Red Box’s ability to support voice capture from any platform and the open-API philosophy will support built-in data integrity and data reconciliation mechanisms, enabling us to help customers catch compliance violations quickly and accurately.”

For more information about how the world’s leading financial institutions utilize Behavox Compliance to quickly and accurately identify risk, read our white paper: How Behavox is Transforming Compliance with Revolutionary Technology.