Jody Houton

We are pleased to announce that we have added Twitter to our expanding list of applications covered by Behavox Compliance

Integration with social media channels, such as Twitter, enables financial firms and global enterprises to address increasing regulatory risk and prevent compliance violations wherever they occur.

By adding Twitter to the wide array of communication platforms we support, Behavox bolsters the social media compliance strategy for our customers so they can adhere to corporate, legal, and regulatory policies while avoiding costly fines and penalties. 

Kiryl Trembovolski, Chief Operating Officer, Behavox

Social media platforms are increasingly being used by disgruntled or rogue employees to share company secrets, or opinions that bring a company’s reputation into disrepute. 

In fact, according to the Enterprise Conduct and Risk Report, more than a quarter of employee respondents regularly use social media to air work grievances. Imagine the catastrophic repercussions that a racist post, or a careless tweet containing confidential information could have on company culture, brand, and liability. 

Our ability to incorporate Twitter communications is the latest development in our growing support of both corporate and non-corporate applications, such as  Microsoft Teams, WeChat, and WhatsApp, adding to the more than 150 data types we already support for our customers.