Jody Houton

Behavox is proud to announce that its compliance solution, Behavox Compliance, can now capture and monitor mobile data from the WhatsApp and WeChat platforms.

Recognizing the growth of non-traditional communication tools in the corporate workplace, especially amongst dispersed workforces, Behavox Compliance has expanded its coverage of global communication platforms to help customers comply with regulations and avoid reputational damage.

For Behavox, the capture of WhatsApp and WeChat data marks an important milestone in bringing us one step closer in our mission of organizing all the enterprise data in the world and making it useful for our clients.

Kiryl Trembovolski, Chief Operating Officer, Behavox. 

Communication apps are sometimes favored as a quick and discreet alternative to voice calls, which is why they are often used as a virtually untraceable way of circumventing compliance.

Behavox Compliance now enables users to leverage and analyze data from over 150 data channels to help avoid regulatory fines and protect and preserve the integrity of their operations, as well as the hard-earned trust from their own clients.

Download the Behavox Compliance Data Sheet to discover more about how our solution enables enterprises to identify and mitigate risk of non-compliant behavior.