CRM Automation

Behavox enables salespeople to focus on their clients and forget about ever entering data manually again.

The Behavox Platform reveals unique intelligence about sales operations through the analysis of people and sales data using powerful AI algorithms.

All insights and data can be seamlessly integrated into existing CRM solutions using Behavox API.

Return on Insight

  • 90% reduction in manual data entry for sales people
  • Measurable increase in sales performance
  • More commercial insights about customers to drive revenues

Key Advantages of the Behavox Platform

Issues Intelligence

Tracks, distills and displays key customer discussions in the form of a word cloud as an infographic, with prominence highlighted by size.

Relationship Intelligence

Reveals relative strength and friendliness of individual and corporate networks. The score is calculated based on the content of communications, which provides accurate and objective intelligence for customer relationship management.

Contact Management

The Behavox Platform automatically detects signature details from text communications using machine learning techniques. This ensures that all contact details are automatically up-to-date and relevant.

Performance Intelligence

Provides real-time and automatic tracking of individual and team performance in comparison to established sales best practice. The outcomes can enhance training and operations.
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