Conduct Risk Exchange

Conduct Risk Exchange (CRX) is a centralized repository for sharing detection scenarios between financial institutions. CRX facilitates a collaborative approach to protecting against misconduct and other relevant industry risks.

Key Benefits:

  • Out-of-the-box best practices and scenarios for instant compliance
  • Ongoing updates to comply with regulatory changes
  • Test and refine custom-built scenarios anonymously

At no point does any institution reveal or share sensitive employee data such as communications, transaction or similar information.

Detection algorithms (scenarios) are completely anonymous and are designed to generate Smart Alerts out-of-the-box.

Behavox contributed scenarios are based on:

  • Enforcement cases - Behavox maintains a detailed database that contains scenario relevant information from current and historic enforcement cases dating back to 2001 across US, UK, European and Asian regulators.

  • Contributions from the regulator - Behavox is often invited by the regulators to leverage anonymous scenario creation methodology to distribute defence scenarios to the industry.

  • Compliance Community roundtables where participants share best practices and detection methodologies.

CRX improves compliance defences and reduces costs:

  • CRX facilitates collaboration to share best scenarios between all institutions. Institutions with more breaches need the best scenarios from the industry, in return, the industry needs anonymous statistical backtesting and real experiences to validate scenarios without revealing or sharing underlying data.

  • Regulators can use CRX to communicate with the industry to drive down the cost of compliance. CRX enables regulators to instantly distribute their own unique ‘knowledge’ through the platform to the whole market for the first time. It is the perfect example of collaboration between regulated and regulators.

  • CRX allows users to download updates as soon as they are available, providing a future-proof solution out-of-the-box. Behavox has all the algorithms clients need ready-to-go on day one when they install the software. This algorithm library is constantly updated so members of the CRX are always protected against new forms of misconduct. CRX works exactly like an anti-virus software. To stay protected members of CRX only need to download an update with new detection algorithms, without having to worry about sharing underlying raw data.

Advanced AI and enterprise grade engineering are foundations of CRX:

  • All Behavox installations are included as standard: AI (Deep learning, NLP), voice analytics and advanced search capabilities. All CRX scenarios can use these cutting-edge technologies to reduce false positives and increase detection accuracy.

  • CRX continuously optimises existing scenarios using Machine Learning, while also creating and suggesting new ones. The system learns from observing normal daily compliance usage of Behavox. There is no need for time consuming additional work or expensive consultants. While learning Behavox is able to make recommendations of new scenarios based on advanced behavioural modeling and usage of AI technologies.

  • The “brains” to the system are encrypted and can be securely updated with one click. This innovation enables easy distribution of new and optimised algorithms exclusively to the network participants and nobody else.

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