Culture and Conduct

The Behavox Platform reveals behaviors that strengthen or threaten a positive corporate culture based on corporate communications data.

Building an honest corporate culture, that unites employees, is key to the health and sustainability of any organization. The risk of not identifying and rectifying any negative issues can turn toxic for a company, and be extremely corrosive for morale and corporate reputation.

Return on Insight

  • The Behavox Platform reveals in real-time trends, context and drivers of corporate culture based on objective and automatic metrics that are based on enterprise communications. It incorporates factors such as variability in the timing of replies, frequency in communications, use of emoticons, slang, sentiment and banter.
  • The findings enable senior managers to anticipate, evaluate and improve the performance of teams and individuals by fostering positive corporate culture.
  • The Platform provides an 'early warning' system for breaches of protocols and employment law, such as, discrimination and harassment.

Key Advantages of the Behavox Platform


The collection of data is discrete and frictionless. The Behavox approach does not place any burdens on employees as they are not required to respond to surveys or upload anything.


The Platform can be readily and easily implemented.


The process is compliant with data protection regulations.


The data is secure and accessible on customer’s infrastructure.
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