BeWomen, a Behavox initiative designed to provide our team with access to industry insiders and thought leaders, returned last week, with a fireside chat between Fahreen Kurji, Chief Customer Intelligence Officer at Behavox, and Emmanuelle Bury-Lucas, Chief Compliance Officer at BNP Paribas Americas.

Although now based in BNP Paribas’ New York office, Emmanuelle has extensive experience in the investment banking division in Europe, where she worked in Corporate and Institutional Coverage for five years, and Corporate Finance for 10 years.

“I’m a strong believer that taking risks and changing career paths is something very important in your professional trajectory — it augments who you are. In my experience, it has allowed me to have a global understanding of the bank [BNPP], the functions and the different businesses. I gained insight, not only from the risk perspective, but also the business perspective, spanning across regions and cultures.”

During the one hour chat, Fahreen and Emmanuelle discussed a wide range of topics, including Emmanuelle’s biggest challenges throughout her career, who she takes inspiration from, and how she deals with adversity.

As one of the main purposes of the BeWomen event is to provide opportunities for the Behavox team to gain insights from industry insiders, the one-hour session culminated in a round of Q+A with members from the Behavox team who asked questions such as how to address the gender imbalance in the workplace.

To discover more about Emmanuelle’s ever-changing role as CCO at BNPP, be sure to check out the upcoming edition of our industry magazine, Radar, which features an in-depth interview with Emmanuelle.