Reported by Jeff Kauflin, Tom Anderson, Michael del Castillo, Antoine Gara, Sarah Hansen, Jonathan Ponciano and Kristin Stoller.

Some of the private fintech companies on this year’s Fintech 50 list have grown so large they rival public companies. Stripe is now worth $22.5 billion and Credit Karma, $4 billion. But the industry keeps attracting new entrepreneurs and novel ideas—there are 20 companies on our fourth edition of the Fintech 50 that have never appeared on our list.

That includes businesses like Nova Credit, which standardizes information from credit reporting bureaus in India, Mexico and other countries so that U.S. lenders and landlords can serve immigrants who lack a U.S. credit record. Roofstock makes it easier to invest in single-family rental homes. Chime, a mobile-first “neobank,” offers no-fee checking accounts. Cross River, a bank that has become a top fintech partner, handles payments and deposits for Stripe and Coinbase. And the payments category is booming, with companies making big technological advances in credit card processing, corporate credit cards and point-of-sale card readers making our list.

Here are the 20 newcomers to the 2019 Forbes Fintech 50:

Axoni, New York City

Uses blockchain-based smart contracts to overhaul the back office of the world’s biggest derivative markets. Its distributed ledger will allow counterparties to see payments, calculations and other vital trade information in real time, improving efficiency and lowering risk. Already partnering with world’s biggest banks and financial intermediaries.

Funding: $59 million from Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and others

Bona fides: It is currently putting the $10 trillion credit derivative market onto smart contracts working with DTCC and a steering committee of 15 of the world’s biggest banks. It’s already settling foreign exchange trades using the blockchain.

Cofounders: CEO Greg Schvey, 32 and CTO Jeff Schvey, 33. The brothers also cofounded TradeBlock, which provides institutional trading tools for cryptocurrencies.

Behavox, New York City

It is fast becoming the one-stop AI shop for Wall Street, using algorithms to handle surveillance of email, voice, and text data and accompanying data lakes. Behavox also helps broker-dealers locate asset inventories and hedge funds to uncover hot and cold portfolio managers.

Funding: $15 million from Index Ventures, Hoxton Ventures, Citigroup and others.  Latest valuation: about $300 million

Bona fides: Nearly 30 customers, including Balyasny Asset Management, Arrowgrass, Marshall Wace, TP ICAP, Citigroup, Anglo American

Founder & CEO: Erkin Adylov, 35, a Kyrgyzstan-born former Goldman analyst and hedge fund portfolio manager

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