Business Insider spoke with some of the most prominent voices in venture capital to pick out the most exciting companies in European financial technology industry this year.

The experts also highlighted what to look out for going forward.

Major fintech names to date have mostly been challenger or neo-banks which provide payment services, particularly related to foreign exchange and low-fee transfers. However, there have been some major new trends in the market, such as open banking, the rise of compliance, and a big move towards insurance technology.

Similarly, companies are leveraging their own platforms to weed out a variety of issues within financial services, often serving other fast growing fintechs with AI and machine learning.

Here are the fintechs that VCs think will blow up in 2019.


Erkin Adylov CEO of Behavox
Erkin Adylov CEO of Behavox

Startup: Behavox

Cited by these VCs: Carolina Brochado (Softbank)

Relationship: None

Total raised: $21.4 million

What it does: Behavox is an AI led compliance platform which helps companies identify data issues within capital markets.

Why it’s hot in 2019: Behavox is now targeting US banks with its exciting tech platform which is going to provide the gold standard in rooting out bad behaviour in institutions, according to Carolina Brochado at Softbank.

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