Jody Houton

As the world of work becomes increasingly digital, the use of  communication and collaboration platforms like MS Teams has skyrocketed. 

In fact, over the last year, we have seen an 85% increase in usage of online communication channels like email, Zoom, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Bloomberg Chat, while the volume of Microsoft Teams content has grown by 719% across our customer base.

Unfortunately, increased volumes of communications lead to more work for already-stretched compliance teams. With legacy compliance solutions, teams are becoming inundated with false positives, and many are ill-equipped to monitor channels like MS Teams for regulatory risks.

Thankfully, the Behavox Compliance Risk Exchange provides a range of compliance and conduct-related algorithms, also known as Scenarios, that analyze communication content for potential risks. 

Here are the Top 10 true positives that Behavox has helped our clients identify across MS Teams chats and conference calls. How many have you found over the past year?

1. Scenario: Unauthorized Activities

We’re safe to talk here – no police 😉

Microsoft Teams Voice Message

2. Scenario: Work Complaints 

Participant 1: Hey – I hope you don’t mind me messaging you here. I’m feeling really swamped with workload on top of training atm and from that call it sounds like there’s more coming my way. 
Participant 2: Add me to the convo if you feel awkward about doing the pushback. I think we have to manage that properly so that we don’t lose focus. You will be drowning in too much shit otherwise.
Participant 1: But it is going to kill me. Yes and I’m a bit worried about pushing back that early during probation etc.

Microsoft Teams Chat Message

3. Scenario: Work Complaints 

The problem is that whenever there is a compliance dilemma between a higher number of clients and a regulatory fine, they would go for the higher amount of clients. I understand that the company is in the growth stage but I’m not too sure whether I want to work in a place where compliance is treated just as an unnecessary burden.

Microsoft Teams Chat Message

4. Scenario: Unauthorized Activities 

Participant 1: Whats the latest on the [company name hidden] investment op?
Participant 2: just sent you the detailed message I sent [company name hidden]
Participant 1: Yup, just got your message. Looks good- call me later.

Microsoft Teams Voice Message

5. Scenario: Password Sharing 

Participant 1: Hello mate, how can I get your login creds for gold-i
Participant 2: Fine to send on here – no one checks this. username is my email, pwd is Liverpool2019!
Participant 1: Kk cool, wanted to make sure. Same stock same size yh?

Microsoft Teams Chat Message

6. Scenario: Unlawful Disclosure

Participant 1: I managed to get some insights from a board member at [company name hidden] – will tell you later
Participant 2: good / bad? can message on here before we meet, no one is looking
Participant 1: It relates to their trial results. Not as good as we hoped

Microsoft Teams Chat Message

7. Scenario: Sexism and Inappropriate Language 

Participant 1: You chaps listening into the HR presentation?Participant 2: Yeah, so boring
Participant 3: Coh, you guys are brutal
Participant 1: Relax, I just don’t like my mornings being wasted on Zoom like this
Participant 2: I’ve used it to work on my fantasy football team
Participant 3: That’s smart, I should probably do the same after last w/e

Microsoft Teams Chat Message

8. Scenario: Password Sharing

Participant 1: will place the bid now – can u send me login details
Participant 2: will fb them to you

Microsoft Teams Chat Message

9. Scenario: Collusion

Participant 1: Just saw yr bids on the screen. Thanks man, needed that!
Participant 2: hahaha np

Microsoft Teams Voice Message

10. Scenario: Unauthorised Activities 

Participant 1: hi, saw your email re [company name hidden]. let’s stick to messaging about that deal on here pls
Participant 2: sure, fine with me

Microsoft Teams Chat Message

Behavox offers the industry’s most comprehensive communications coverage across email, instant messaging, social media, and voice. 

We provide a single entry point to all of your communications channels, including MS Teams, Slack, WeChat, WhatsApp, Zoom, and many more. We help drive compliant communications while protecting your employees from illegal, immoral, and malicious acts in the workplace.

Contact us to learn how you can start using MS Teams without compromising on compliance, and start generating insights that protect you from risk in as little as three weeks. 

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