We are delighted to announce the addition of Zoom to our range of data integrations, enabling customers to harness the power of virtual meetings without compromising on compliance.

The recently published Behavox Enterprise Conduct & Risk Report found that misconduct and illegal activity is now more likely to be shared over conferencing and collaboration tools than email. Nearly half of the study’s respondents witnessed inappropriate behavior, such as non-employees eavesdropping, during videoconferencing meetings since the beginning of the pandemic. 

“More than ever, executives need to make sure their compliance solutions are rock-solid to protect their organizations,” said Allen Clark, VP of Partnerships, Behavox. “They cannot afford to leave gaping communication blind spots in their compliance programs. Behavox’s ability to support Zoom communications helps customers leverage and analyze their data to identify non-compliant behavior and avoid regulatory fines.”

The addition of Zoom communications is the latest development in our growing support of both corporate and non-traditional, non-corporate applications. We recently announced the addition of support for Microsoft Teams, Twitter, WeChat and WhatsApp, adding to the more than 150 data types we already support for our customers.