NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Behavox, the market leader in data analytics software for Compliance, CRM Automation and Risk, released today its 2019 report and outlook for 2020.

“Behavox is what IBM used to be… You will be fired for not buying Behavox.”

Behavox accomplished the following in 2019:

Signed some of the world’s largest banks across North America, Europe and Asia with timely software rollouts

Realized client expansion in Japan with a continued focus on growth in Asia, and expects to acquire many more customers in this region

Won significant new clients across Canada and is well-ahead of its headcount goals in Behavox’s Montréal office

A growing percentage of revenue is now generated from its CRM Automation, Conduct and Insider Threat products – as opposed to Behavox’s traditional offering of Compliance

From a hiring perspective, Behavox is on track to hit its target of 200 hires in its Montréal R&D office by the end of the year. Behavox also plans to open a field office in Japan and Hong Kong, which will further accelerate growth.

“Behavox owes our 2019 successes to both our hardworking employees and loyal client base,” said Erkin Adylov, Founder and CEO of Behavox. “Reflecting back on what we’ve achieved over the past five years and looking towards the next decade, we couldn’t be more excited. We will continue harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence to help companies drive productivity, glean behavioral insights and protect their most valuable assets.”

Adylov noted that client reception to its suite of products and best in class service has been extremely positive. Among some of the feedback that Behavox has received:

“Behavox is transformational for our business.” – large global investment banking firm

“The decision to buy Behavox has paid off several times over.” – one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers

“Behavox is head and shoulders above competition.” – multi-billion-dollar financial services company

“Behavox is what IBM used to be… You will be fired for not buying Behavox.” – one of the largest institutional alternative asset managers in the world

“[Behavox has] been an exceptional partner that is willing to go above and beyond.” – one of the biggest banks in Canada

Behavox’s full Software as a Service (“SaaS”) offering leverages continuous software roll outs and best-in-class cloud technologies. Behavox SaaS has realized an aggressive pickup in the market, which is evidenced by a record number of diverse customers – energy giants, financial services firms, technology companies and hedge funds – all of whom have been actively purchasing the offering. Just last Spring, Jefferies announced it had tapped Behavox to supply its premier Compliance platform for its global operations, which is slated to be implemented in record-time.

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