AWS-hosted and AI-powered Platform Greatly Improves Speed and Accuracy for Data Retrieval of Email, Messaging, Voice Communications and Structured Data to Help Customers Meet Compliance Obligations

NEW YORK – April 6, 2021 – Behavox, which uses AI to enable enterprises to organize and refine their data into actionable information that protects and promotes business growth, is modernizing data archiving by unifying cost-efficient storage, faster search and stronger data governance into one source of truth for an entire organization.

New enhancements to Behavox Archiving represent the next generation of data archiving by consolidating traditionally disparate functions from various legacy products in the industry, such as discovery, data export, and data governance into one comprehensive cloud solution. Built on secure AWS cloud infrastructure, the SOC 2-compliant SaaS solution stores all data in line with SEC Rule 17a-4 on a write once, read many (WORM) basis to ensure its integrity.

Behavox Archiving is a search engine for all enterprise data, providing insights from fast data accessibility to support compliance initiatives, strengthen security, and manage risk. This capability is especially critical as the volume and diversity of communication applications
grows for enterprises. Behavox Archiving ingests and preserves data from a variety of communication applications and data types, such as email, messaging, voice, collaboration, and conferencing and preserved in its native format, enabling a fast, accurate and efficient search and review process.

Behavox Archiving helps reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple archiving solutions that previously resulted in data silos by consolidating enterprise data under one umbrella, powered by AI to ensure precise and fast results that are guaranteed by a service-level agreement (SLA). This results in a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership compared to legacy solutions, most of which charge excessive fees and require laborious investment in aging infrastructure and operational support.

"Historically, legacy archiving solutions rely on decades-old technology that is fragmented, slow, and expensive,” said Erkin Adylov, Founder and CEO of Behavox. “These outdated products lack speed and agility. They are not cloud-based. As a result, they are not built for
today's growing volume of communications data nor the agility required by large enterprises. Behavox Archiving helps customers organize and make useful all their enterprise data by providing a single source of discovery, archiving, and data retrieval. We are modernizing the way enterprises archive, analyze, and act on their data to protect and promote their business growth."

Behavox Archiving leverages the company's vast compliance experience and reputation as a trusted regulatory expert. It works seamlessly with Behavox Compliance and Behavox Conduct, which identify non-compliant and toxic misconduct quickly and accurately. Behavox covers the industry’s largest number of applications and data types in the most languages across the most misconduct scenarios. Its archiving enhancement strengthens the overall compliance solution for customers while supporting numerous functional groups across an enterprise, from HR, Legal, and IT to Sales, Marketing, and Operations.

"In 2021, FINRA and the SEC are expected to tighten their focus on inspections, audits, and enforcements,” said Gagan Gulati, Behavox Chief Product Officer. “With this in mind, enterprises need to make sure their data archiving and compliance solutions are increasingly secure and efficient — not just for regulators but also to manage risk more cost-effectively. Behavox raises the standard on ensuring the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of data archiving functionality. It is the right solution at the right time to turn what was once a painful experience into a lightning fast discovery process that moves at the speed of business."

Behavox Archiving's expanded data unification capabilities are the latest development in Behavox’s ability to ingest communications data from a growing number of corporate and non-corporate applications. The company recently announced the addition of support for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Twitter, WeChat, and WhatsApp, adding to the dozens of applications and more than 150 data types Behavox already supported for its customers.

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About Behavox Ltd.

Behavox provides a suite of security products that help compliance, HR, and security teams protect their company and colleagues from bad actors.

Through AI-powered analysis of all corporate communications data, including email, instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing platforms, Behavox helps organizations identify illegal, immoral, and malicious behavior in the workplace.

Founded in 2014, Behavox is headquartered in Montreal and has offices in New York City, London, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, Tokyo, Dallas, and Abu Dhabi.

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