The investment manager will also deploy Behavox across its affiliated crypto-trading and portfolio management platforms.

New York – March 16, 2022 – Behavox, which provides a suite of security products that help compliance, HR, and security teams protect their organizations  and colleagues, today announced that Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP, a leading global investment manager, has contracted Behavox for its services.  

Elwood Technologies Services Limited and Coremont LLP, which are affiliated with Brevan Howard, will also be part of the Behavox deployment. Elwood provides an end-to-end crypto trading platform to financial institutions and Coremont provides portfolio management services.

The move follows unprecedented demand from financial firms for Behavox solutions, as they aim to implement tougher compliance controls that tackle the threat increasingly posed by bad actors.

The shift to a more distributed working environment has forced many global financial institutions to update their legacy compliance controls to include innovative solutions, such as Behavox Compliance, which ensure firms are able to monitor 100% of their corporate communications for market abuse and misconduct.

“Organizations operating from digital headquarters need agile monitoring solutions that ensure they can identify bad actors, wherever in the world they may be,” said Nabeel Ebrahim, Chief Revenue Officer at Behavox. “We’re delighted to be partnering with a forward-thinking firm like Brevan Howard that truly cares about protecting its workplace. As the firm’s crypto and portfolio management businesses continue to grow, Behavox is a natural partner to preserve the integrity of its franchise.”

Ryan Taylor, Group Head of Compliance at Brevan Howard, said, “Behavox has a proven track record of implementation at financial institutions, so we are confident that this partnership will allow us to protect our business.  Behavox offers an ideal solution to help provide a safe working environment for our people and guard our firm.”

The implementation at Brevan Howard follows significant demand for Behavox solutions from crypto firms as they aim to tighten their compliance controls.

Click here to register for a fireside chat with Nabeel Ebrahim, Chief Revenue Officer at Behavox and Ryan Taylor,  Group Head of Compliance at Brevan Howard, where they will discuss emerging risks and bad actors in compliance on April 13 at 12pm EST.

About Behavox:

Behavox is the leading provider of AI-driven compliance and security solutions, empowering organizations to proactively detect and mitigate human risks within the organization. Behavox leverages large language models and generative AI to transform how compliance and security teams manage risks and safeguard organizational integrity. Through innovative products such as Behavox Voice and Behavox Insider Threat, Behavox continues to shape the future of compliance and security risk management.

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