Behavox, a New York-based artificial intelligence company, said Monday it has raised $100 million.

The funding came from SoftBank Vision Fund 2, according to Behavox, which describes itself as “the world’s only end-to-end data operating platform.”

“This investment will allow Behavox to further focus on and invest in the needs of our customers, who are at the heart of everything we do at Behavox,” said Erkin Adylov, founder and chief executive officer of Behavox, in a statement.

After the Softbank investment, Adylov and “key employees” remain the largest shareholders in the business. The company is also backed by Citigroup, Index Ventures and Hoxton Ventures.

Originally from London, the AI data purveyor relocated to New York City in October 2018 as a way to accommodate an increase in North American clients, the New York Business Journal reported, adding that the company cited New York’s close proximity to its new Montréal office as a reason for the move.

The move to New York City, Adylov said in a statement at the time, “marks a huge milestone for the company, our employees and clients who will all benefit from the opportunities this expansion presents. The opportunities in New York City, notably top-of-class recruitment and business development, are extensive.”

What exactly does Behavox provide?

The New York Business Journal in 2018 reported that it “is known for its machine learning software, which enables firms to search and generate immediate insights from enormous amounts of employee-generated data, including emails, text messages, trade data and voice calls, all tracked in real-time.”

On its website, Behavox said it provides “end-to-end data aggregation, analytics, and actions lead to over 50 percent reduction in total cost of ownership across storage, analytics, personnel, reporting, and manual processes” and it “staffs the project end-to-end through project management, solution engineers, account management, and data science analysts.”

The company is located at 180 Maiden Lane in Manhattan’s Financial District.