Behavox Addresses Prevalent Use of Videoconferencing, Collaboration Applications to Help Firms Meet Compliance Obligations and Avoid Company-debilitating Crises

NEW YORK – March 23, 2021 – Behavox, the world’s only AI-based data operating platform used by firms to catch misconduct before it causes massive regulatory fines and company crises, today announced it has expanded its ability to cover Zoom communications, widening the array of communication platforms the company supports to help financial firms and global enterprises ensure regulatory compliance.

As the pandemic drags on and workers across the financial services industry have reached the one-year anniversary working from home offices, the Behavox Enterprise Conduct & Risk Report recently examined how extensively digital communications have replaced the days of water cooler gossip for airing frustrations. The multinational report not only found that misconduct and illegal activity is now more frequently shared over conferencing and collaboration tools rather than email, nearly half of the study’s respondents witnessed inappropriate behavior during videoconferencing meetings since the beginning of the pandemic.

“More than ever, executives need to make sure their compliance solutions are rock-solid to protect their organizations,” said Allen Clark, VP of Partnerships, Behavox. “They cannot afford to leave gaping communication blind spots in their compliance programs. After all, it only takes the misconduct of one remote employee to cause major fines that can put a company at risk of going out of business. Behavox’s ability to support Zoom communications helps customers leverage and analyze their data to identify non-compliant behavior and avoid regulatory fines.”

Behavox’s ability to incorporate Zoom communications is the latest development in its growing support of both corporate and non-traditional, non-corporate applications. The company recently announced the addition of support for Microsoft Teams, Twitter, WeChat, and WhatsApp, adding to the more than 150 data types Behavox already supported for its customers.

Compliance risks come from different places in different languages. Behavox’s multilingual enterprise solution covers the industry’s largest number of misconduct scenarios in several languages. Behavox enables clients to analyze data from internal communications, such as voice, email, text, social media, chat, collaboration, and other corporate communications applications.

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About Behavox:

Behavox is the leading provider of AI-driven compliance and security solutions, empowering organizations to proactively detect and mitigate human risks within the organization. Behavox leverages large language models and generative AI to transform how compliance and security teams manage risks and safeguard organizational integrity. Through innovative products such as Behavox Voice and Behavox Insider Threat, Behavox continues to shape the future of compliance and security risk management.

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