It’s time you got to know your company

Behavox analyzes the activity in every corner of your organization to unearth a treasure trove of valuable insights.

See your company <br>with 20/20 vision

See your company
with 20/20 vision

Your people are your most valuable resource. Why settle for limited access to the data they leave behind? The Behavox Behavioral OS integrates fully into your company’s nervous system, giving you a complete perspective on your people, their patterns, and what to do with them.

It’s time you got to know your company
“People analytics
has now gone mainstream"
Laurence Collins, Deloitte
A data lake <br />
you can actually use

A data lake
you can actually use

Why centralize your data if you can’t do anything with it? Behavox not only pulls all your comms data into one place, it turns it into information that’s easy to work with.

“..many firms are operating flawed data lakes without realizing [they're] failures.”
Dave Wells, Ekerson Group
Actionable insights <br />
in weeks, not years

Actionable insights
in weeks, not years

Behavox quickly and seamlessly integrates with your data—from email to voice to third party systems—producing your first insight in as little as three weeks.

“More than 80 percent of data lakes fail to achieve their ambition.”
Zhiwei Jiang, CEO, Capgemini
Artificial intelligence <br />
at your command

Artificial intelligence
at your command

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning serve up powerful and otherwise elusive insights—so your energy isn’t spent digging through data, but doing amazing things with it.

“[T]he take-off of machine learning and AI [..] has been a boon for us”
Dr. Scott Bauguess, SEC


Get unlimited access to our
exclusive library of scenario plugins

Pick and choose from our library of plug-and-play behavioral models,
all ready to install and run within minutes.


Monitors communications that indicate the buying or selling (or inducement of these actions) of publicly traded securities utilizing material nonpublic information.

“To be able to eventually generate surveillance alerts at the account level instead of at the broker level will be a huge step forward for surveillance of the US markets."
Thomas Gira, FINRA


Build your own products & plugins with our robust development environment

Harness the power of our platform to easily build what your company needs.

Unleash the collective power in your people

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