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Identify disengaged employees

Gallup’s “State of the American Workplace” report states that disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability. When that translates into dollars, it equals 34% of a disengaged employee’s annual salary. Take an average trader’s salary of $97,000; 34% = $33,000 per employee. At a firm of 1,000 employees, that’s almost $33m per year!

Behavox can monitor for deviations in normal behavior if the employee stops communicating or communicates with people they hadn’t before/shouldn’t be. This could be a sign of stress, depression, or signal of leaving.

Protect against data exfiltration

Emails or phone calls made to external persons can contain proprietary data. Behavox Insider Threat detects unusually high volumes, large attachments, sharing of code, and more. This includes the dissemination of attachments containing multiple documents authored by the employee as part of their role.

Observe financial stress

A 2017 survey from Mercer estimated that employee financial stress costs employers $250 billion per year. By monitoring employee behaviors for context in work communications, Behavox can spot signs of stress, negative sentiments, or communications mentioning payments, bills, fees, salary, etc with colleagues that have close relationships.

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