The ultimate compliance upgrade

BehavoxCompliance uncovers behavioral patterns within your organization, helping you transform simple risk mitigation into a killer tool for making more profitable decisions.

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Make compliance your competitive advantage

Make compliance your competitive advantage

Compliance plays an important protective role in any financial organization. Behavox helps you do that job better than ever before—and take it to a whole new level—by helping you uncover hidden behavioral patterns and act on them.
All in one single platform.

Go beyond lexicons

Go beyond lexicons

Keyword searches are a losing battle. BehavoxCompliance understands meaning and context, freeing you from the sea of false positives.

Hear every whisper

Hear every whisper

For the first time ever, analyze all spoken comms. Our best-in-class voice recognition is incredibly accurate, multilingual, and sentiment aware.

Up-level compliance

Up-level compliance

By producing valuable insights that create momentum for the organization, your compliance team becomes a strategic powerhouse.

“The firm’s compliance technology needs to keep up with its trading technology.”
Susan Tibbs, FINRA
All your behavioral data,<br />
all in one place

All your behavioral data,
all in one place

BehavoxCompliance is the only integrated platform that can collect and analyze ALL your data, from voice calls to emails to trades. It even goes beyond communications, integrating seamlessly with restricted lists, G&E registers, PA authorization forms, HR systems, and more.

Increase your efficiency <br />
by 5,400%

Increase your efficiency
by 5,400%

BehavoxCompliance reduces false positives by 90% and increases true positives by 300%, straight out of the gate. Along with a powerful search tool and the ability to create your own alerts, you’ll operate at a whole new level of performance.

Leverage the power of the compliance collective

Leverage the power of the compliance collective

BehavoxCompliance gives you access to scenarios and documentation that other industry professionals have already used, reviewed, and improved—so you’re no guinea pig. You can also find out what your peers are using today, to ensure you aren’t left behind.

Sample use cases

Quick & easy trade reconstruction

Quick & easy trade reconstruction

Say goodbye to painstaking manual data collection. Our powerful search capabilities allow you to pinpoint specific trade activity across both voice and text, fast.

Pre-tuned <br>protection at launch

protection at launch

With a library of industry-tested models available to you on installation, you’ll get the valuable insights you need from day one.

GDPR ‘ability to forget’

GDPR ‘ability to forget’

Erase all personal data in a heartbeat. Incredibly accurate voice recognition makes it easy to find and delete all of a person’s voice records.

Unleash the collective power in your people

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