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Unchecked bad conduct becomes bad culture

From inappropriate language to discrimination, racism, bullying, and harassment – these behaviors exist across industries and geographies. BehavoxConduct understands the behavior in your organization, across industry types and languages to enable you to improve conduct before issues arise.


The success and failure of an organization depends on its employees. Employees are indeed the lifeblood of an organization. Behavox conduct delivers a realtime understanding of workplace complaints and conduct breaches to enable organizations to go beyond point-in-time HR surveys.


BehavoxConduct highlights the culture carriers within an organization. The true enablers and influencers are not always openly visible and our advanced analytics illuminate positive behavior across written and audio communication channels. The result is a unified workforce.


How well are your employees communicating and collaborating? How well are leaders managing issues and frustrations? Our Data Operating Platform blends behavioral science with professional workplace analysis to better understand relationships within the workplace.

Uncover toxic behaviors within and across teams

Are “collaboration” and “respect” just words in your core values or are they truly present within your organization? Through realtime chat analysis, Behavox is able to go beyond simple lexicon to understand the underlying sentiment expressed between colleagues and uncover damaging instances of misconduct.

“this is designed by clowns, who are in turn supervised by monkeys”

Mitigate damaging management practices

Behavox looks at relationships between managers and their teams to uncover instances such as illicit relationships, bullying, or harassment, which may negatively impact individuals and compromise your organization’s culture.

“either work through new year’s eve or find a new job on new year’s day :)”

Proactively improve communication with clients and external counterparts

Whether you’re in financial services or retail, the way your employees communicate with clients is key to your organization’s success. Behavox analyzes paralinguistic features such as anger and laughter in voice files, as well as sentiment in client communications, to understand the manner in which your teams behave with clients and customers.

“i can’t apologize when it’s your mistake.”

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