Josh Ballard

Behavox Chief Product Officer, Gagan Gulati delivered an inspiring keynote at the 1LoD Culture and Conduct Deep Dive, providing insight into how financial institutions can harness cutting-edge technology to protect their digital headquarters from bad actors.

The event took place at a time when global regulators are making it clear that governance is a key regulatory priority and organizations are struggling to provide employees with a healthy corporate culture while working in a distributed environment. 

Organizations must now, more than ever, address behaviors that pose a risk and understand how culture is the root of misconduct. 

When a workplace operates with a toxic culture, where harassment, bullying, and discrimination are rife – there’s a tangible cost that the organization pays. There may only be a small minority of bad actors, but the company pays in terms of legal settlements and fees, and sleepless nights and distraction for senior leadership. 

Solutions such as Behavox Conduct have a critical role to play in enabling firms to monitor, measure, and enhance their corporate culture.

“Behavox Conduct is the only AI-driven product that helps you protect your culture of conduct in such an advanced way and a product where the AI actually works,” said Gulati.

“It is about bringing change to protect your company against bad actors, to build a culture of trust, to build high employee morale, and to authentically embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

“It is about improving the culture of conduct in your organization and about you being the catalyst for bringing that organizational change.”

Click here to watch Gulati’s keynote speech in full.