Over the past few years, as I helped organizations discover, manage, and protect their sensitive data, it became clear to me that the world is changing at a more rapid pace than any of us imagined. Data is the world’s major currency now. Collecting and aggregating data to get real insights is more important than ever before. When that happens, data transforms into information, defined literally as data that informs appropriate actions and decisions.

Organizations need data insights that are real, not just vision. AI can’t just be hype or talk. They need AI that actually works. Actions speak louder than words. 

COVID has hastened this need. Every hallway communication, coffee chit chat, and watercooler moment has turned into a digital conversation on Zoom, Slack, or Teams.  While this situation has meant different things to different people, this period has meant that our workplace is fundamentally changing forever. Organizations will continue to optimize this seesaw between business continuity and risk management in a hybrid and remote work environment. 

To me, it’s the right time to innovate and build for the impending future – a future that starts with data and AI protecting businesses so they in turn can rebound and grow. AI that actually brings out true positives and signals to help organizations become compliant. AI that helps corporate guardians (Compliance Officers, Security Officers, and others) keep their organizations safer. AI that works elegantly for global markets and understands all major cultures and languages equally. 

Great companies double down in less-than-favorable conditions and come out stronger. Google and Salesforce were born right before the dot-com bubble burst. Facebook shortly before the Great Recession of 2004. If history is any indication, this year’s disruption will usher in a new era and next generation of innovative leaders. Now is the time to double down on bringing the future possibilities of data and AI into full-fledged reality. 

This year, during this time, I met Behavox. They are a unique gem. Their mission? Organize and make useful all internal data for every organization on the planet with the world’s best AI across global cultures and languages. Behavox has won the hearts of the world’s largest regulated financial firms, such as Jefferies and SoftBank, with world-class compliance and conduct solutions. These solutions root out bad actors and prevent firms from debilitating fines, trials by media, and corporate crises. They give organizations peace of mind. They ensure business continuity at a time when it is the difference between a business’ life and death.

Behavox has consistently received industry recognition over the years, including recent awards for the “Best AI Solution” by AI Breakthrough and “Best RegTech Solution” by the HFM European Awards organization

Last week I started at Behavox as chief product officer. I eagerly join their mission to build the future of data and AI. I will start up the Seattle office and will help develop the next generation of products that our global customers will trust and embrace. In this role, I am helping build the world’s best product management, engineering, product design, documentation, and partnership teams across North America. 

Every day last week, I was reminded of the company’s worldliness. Behavox not only serves a global clientele with multi-language solutions, but it also embodies that culture internally. We already hail from more than 45 countries, speak more languages than one would have heard of, and are cultivating this diversity further as we hire to meet growing customer demand. 

This worldliness is the recipe that makes companies great. Combine this with the notion that data is indeed king, and you have definite outcomes of new giants emerging amid the tumult. Behavox stands to be one of them. Its applied AI makes data actionable in ways no other company can. If you believe in this future and want to be a part of it, let’s talk. You’ll find a few sample job descriptions below (We are hiring at all levels across geographies. International candidates are welcome). Apply directly or connect with me via LinkedIn. Let’s create the future together.  

Senior Product Management Director, Compliance


Senior Product Management Director, New Products


Product Manager