Jody Houton

Smartphone. Dumb human. Or at least the following 10 individuals were.

Here are the top 10 most inappropriate conversations that Behavox Voice has discovered on smartphones, VoIP, and other voice communication channels in 2021.

1. Scenario: Racism, Work Complaints

Participant 1: I’ve had it with [redacted client] and the way this company prioritises his cash over the way he treats me
Participant 2: is he still refusing to deal with you?
Participant 1: yeah he literally said that he doesn’t want me to place his trades. It has to be an english person only. I don’t care how much he pays us every month, he shouldn’t be allowed to speak to anyone like that
Participant 2: has no one raised this with him? He’s such a pig

Microsoft Teams

2. Scenario: Work Complaints

Participant 1: do you really think they have a case to sack us if we don’t get vaccinated? 
Participant 2: it doesn’t sit right with me. I didn’t think they could do that but they aren’t the only company suggesting it.
Participant 1: I just haven’t made my mind up yet and don’t appreciate my employer having that much control over my decision
Participant 2: I know mate, it’s not great


3. Scenario: Racism

Participant 1: any update on your application for that real estate role
Participant 2: yeah, I didn’t get it. No surprise really. 
Participant 1: ah sorry to hear that bro
Participant 1: no doubt you would’ve got it if you weren’t white
Participant 2: haha, so true. It’s all box ticking isn’t it


4. Scenario: Sexism

Participant 1: I know that Neil is loving having you on his team
Participant 2: ah that’s great to hear, he’s a good manager
Participant 1: just don’t go getting pregnant or anything like that, you’ll upset him
Participant 2: why is that? 
Participant 1: he’s been let down by great women in his team getting pregnant and preferring that life. He didn’t like it


5. Scenario: Harassment

Participant 1: You better be coming to the [redacted company]drinks tonight
Participant 2: I can’t unfortunately, I already had a dinner booked
Participant 1: you’re kidding, they’ll be disappointed that you aren’t there
Participant 1: as am I, you’re more fun when you’ve had a drink


6. Scenario: Work Complaints

Participant 1: Yup, work is still as laborious, it’s bizarre I have the sensation of coming each day to work and re-living the same agony a little like a bad dream that repeats itself


7. Scenario: Sexism, Work Complaints

Participant 1: I’m sick of this. We’re being gaslighted
Participant 1: I think I might setup a whatsapp group for a few of us so that we don’t feel like the only ones putting up with this
Participant 2: That’s a good idea, I think most of us just feel powerless and can’t afford to be pushed out for whistleblowing

Red Box

8. Scenario: Harassment

Participant 1: I wish you could’ve been there to hear the way John just spoke to me
Participant 2: What did he say?
Participant 1: It was more the way he said things, shouting me down at every opportunity, scoffing at my thoughts
Participant 1: I don’t think he would’ve done that in a meeting full of people. I don’t know how much longer I can take this


9. Scenario: Bullying

Participant 1: I’m not going to make it later, I’ve got to get this report written up and signed off by the end of week
Participant 2: can you not just get Tobias to do the leg work? He’s such a push over
Participant 1: ha good point, what’s he going to do, say no? I’ll just sack him
Participant 2: exactly ha wet wipe


10. Scenario: Harassment

Participant 1: hey, I’m sorry if I came across as blunt on Slack, it’s just I have plans for tonight and can’t commit to joining a call that gets added to my calendar 3 hours before you know
Participant 2: you know a lot of people would love to be in your position right now
Participant 2: it would be pretty easy for us to replace someone who’s not going to give one hundred percent to the role
Participant 1: oh
Participant 2: I’m sorry
Participant 2: I guess my plans can be rearranged


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