Jody Houton

Erkin Adylov, CEO and Founder of Behavox was invited to share his insights on machine learning and innovation, as well as the reasons for relocating the company to the ‘AI hub’ of Montreal during the 3rd annual Scotiabank Quebec Growth Technology Conference last week.

In a presentation delivered to Quebec-based tech and business leaders, Erkin began by explaining why he now considers Montreal as Behavox’s home.

“Montreal is the global centre for artificial intelligence – I wholeheartedly believe that. We have 150 people here [out of 220 global members of staff]. Our research and development teams are here, our data science and technology teams are here. We’re very proud to call Montreal our home.”

Behavox also has offices for its growing workforce in New York, London, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, Tokyo, Dallas, and Abu Dhabi.

Of course, like many companies operating in 2022, Erkin said that Behavox also has an expansive ‘digital headquarters’, and that both the physical and digital domains were now equally as important to protect.

“Thanks to modern technology, a lot of companies are able to thrive in this environment of a fully remote or hybrid workplace. More and more organizations are coming to the realization that although they offer a safe workplace in their physical offices, the same cannot be necessarily said for their digital headquarters.

The last two years have, all of a sudden, brought into sharp focus the illegal, immoral, and malicious activities that might be happening in a digital headquarters. So our mission at Behavox is to use artificial intelligence to pinpoint and identify these illegal, immoral and malicious insiders and protect the workplace; protect the digital headquarters.

Erkin Adylov, CEO and Founder of Behavox

Behavox does this by providing a suite of security products that help compliance, HR, and security teams protect their company and colleagues from bad actors. 

Through advanced, AI-powered analysis of all corporate communications data, including email, instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing platforms, Behavox helps organizations identify illegal behavior like insider dealing, or immoral activities like sexual harassment, or malicious behavior like stealing customer data in the workplace.

In simple terms? 

“Behavox is in the business of catching bad actors, and protecting the workplace,” said Erkin.

And right now, business is booming.

“This is a global marketplace. We have customers in Japan, we have customers in Singapore. We have customers in the Nordics, in Europe, in the UK. We also have customers here in Canada and in America, and at the moment we are expanding into Latin America. 

“So it’s a really exciting marketplace because when you think about digital headquarters, not a single company in the world can say that they haven’t had experiences with bad employees, and bad actors in the workplace. Every company on the face of the earth needs a solution like Behavox to provide a safe and secure workplace in those digital headquarters.”

Watch the full presentation here.

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