Lee Walton

On September 29, Behavox wrapped up a series of tech summits that had taken us from Tokyo, to Singapore and culminated in a terrific event at the Andaz Hotel in London.

We kicked things off in Tokyo on September 13, hosting our summit at a meeting space next to the Imperial Palace, showing attendees how AI can act as the catalyst for advancements in Compliance and Security, transforming business functions, just as it has for these global banks.

Two days later, Behavox hosted the AI & Technology Briefing in Singapore, with the city skyline at the Sofitel Singapore City Centre hotel providing a wonderful backdrop for us to deep dive with attendees into how the next generation of AI is driving advances in Compliance and Security.

The Tech Summit whistle stop tour came to a close in London on September 29, with participants at all summits able to enjoy a number of keynote speeches on a variety of topics including:

  • The application of AI in Compliance and Security
  • How AI can be tested, evidenced and documented
  • Building AI datasets to support a variety of languages (focus: Japanese language) and industries.
  • Behavox Translator and how it can operate at scale, reliably and securely.

These keynote speeches were carefully crafted to help our participants gain an understanding of AI, how it relates to their organizations, and how it can benefit particular functions such as the Compliance and Security for example.

Participants were eager to see this in action for themselves and learn more about Behavox Quantum, picking up the product information sheet and arranging demos.

Language Coverage in Compliance

Language coverage was a hot topic at each of the summits, coverage of a multitude of languages is an absolute must, with any solution needing to have the capacity to understand, and then flag any suspected malfeasance for compliance teams to act on it.

Behavox Quantum is able to monitor communications in a multitude of languages, for attendees this is pivotal in a region where a number of different languages are common in the workplace, an inability to cover a multitude of languages such as would leave bad actors with plenty of places to hide, allowing them to act with impunity, simply because of an inability to monitor vast amounts of communications in multiple languages, we simply can’t expect compliance teams to process hours of data in multiple languages after all, they’re only human! This is why we must use advanced AI and Machine Learning technology.

Luckily for compliance teams, they won’t be expected to be fluent in over 30 languages, Behavox Quantum is equipped with a built-in translator and supports the following languages: Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Thai, with more being added all the time.

The Behavox Translator leverages the same cutting-edge AI core as Behavox Quantum, and in the domain of financial services and compliance, it generated best-in-class BLEU scores in competition with Google, DeepL, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Voice Search and Going Beyond the Regulatory Tickbox

In all 3 of the briefings, voice search proved to be a hot topic, with a need to cover communications from both a Compliance and a Customer Support angle, as one Chief Compliance Officer from a Leading Global Hedge Fund says:

“If you think that people are unfiltered on email, there is absolutely no filter when it comes to phone calls.”

Voice has traditionally been a safe haven for bad actors, it’s more difficult to monitor, hours of randomly-sampled recordings provide only a small percentage of all communications, if the malfeasance happens to not be in the selected sample, the transgressing party simply gets away with it.

For example, we found that financial services fraud is 10x times more common on voice platforms than in text-based communications, why? Because it’s easier to get away with, or, at least it used to be, so what’s different?

Behavox’s advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning enables enterprises to organize and refine communications data into actionable information. Legacy voice surveillance solutions generally favor the random sampling approach mentioned earlier, meaning 99% of calls go unmonitored. In stark contrast, Behavox’s machine learning is able  to monitor far more information, far more effectively (without personally identifiable employee information).

Regulation is slow to change, and is forever playing catchup trying to combat the different methods of malfeasance used by bad actors, this is why at Behavox we are advocates of going beyond the regulatory tickbox, because in essence, when doing the bare minimum, you’re complying with regulations that haven’t caught up with the bad actors they are trying to combat, meaning you will always be at least one step behind those you are trying to catch.

As Behavox Chief Customer Intelligence Officer Fahreen Kurji puts it “Regulators have so far failed to fully realize that fraud can hide behind the digital curtain and that as communication and collaboration channels have multiplied, compliance risk has surged, voice communications are too dangerous to ignore.”

Attendees at the AI & Tech Briefing in Singapore were well aware of this, meaning there was a great deal of interest in Behavox language & voice capabilities, Behavox Quantum for example, possesses a built-in translator that extends surveillance coverage to compliance teams in multiple languages, and in the domain of financial services and compliance, generated best-in-class BLEU scores in competition with Google, DeepL, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Participants also enjoyed the opportunity to meet with industry practitioners, peers and data scientists to learn from the experts, so that our attendees left with a deep understanding of how AI can help them identify and deal with business risks.

Did you miss the tech summits and would like to join us for the next one? Keep an eye on our events page for the next series of summits that will be held in Toronto, Boston, New York & Chicago!