The world’s most advanced compliance surveillance system

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Behavox Quantum® Supports Flexible Deployment

End to End

Behavox integrates directly with over 100 different communication channels to bring all your communications data into a single Platform for archiving, alert generation and reporting.

Deployed on GCP or AWS in a region of your choosing with secure data encryption – you are in full control of your data.

Point Solution

Minimal program change, with maximum impact. Leverage the power of Behavox AI to reduce false positives by 99%, while retaining full explainability and auditability of models.

Behavox API allows customers to send entire messages, alerts or even selected sentences for evaluation by Behavox AI.

Behavox Celebrates One Year of Success for Behavox Quantum® AI

To read more about Quantum AI’s success story, see our press release

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Behavox Quantum® is Affordable and Powerful

Quantum S

Advanced Scenarios

AI to filter out noise
Lexicon to generate alerts


100% Lexicon
specific phrases

Quantum AI


AI generates alerts

Advanced Scenarios

AI to filter out noise
Lexicon to generate alerts


100% Lexicon
specific phrases

Behavox Quantum® Delivers Manageable and Meaningful Alerts

Behavox Quantum® Provides The Broadest
Out-of-the-Box Risk Coverage

Risk Coverage Quantum S Quantum AI
  • Market Abuse
  • Antitrust/anti-competition
  • Client interests
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Financial Crime
  • Fit and Proper Considerations
  • General Misconduct Indicators
  • Trade Errors
Advanced Scenarios AI & Advanced Scenarios
Relevance of alerts Very good Best-in-class
Volume of alerts 80% reduction
in volume of alerts vs legacy platforms
60% less alerts vs Quantum S
9x increase in risk detection
AI models AI filter for false positives BERT, Behavox LLM, GPT-3, Google PaLM
all powered by Behavox Compliance Knowledge Base®

Explainable, Transparent and Compliant

All Behavox lexicons and models are powered by the Behavox Compliance Knowledge Base® that consists of examples of true positives sourced from customers, regulators and enforcement cases. It also includes policies, regulations and other relevant data. The Behavox Compliance Knowledge Base is available for audit by regulators, auditors and customers.

Best Language Coverage

Functionality Quantum S Quantum AI
Alert generation language English
Voice-to-text transcription languages English, Spanish, French, Danish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish and counting
Additional language packs
(voice / text)
50+ languages supported
Translation language Spanish to English 50 languages to English