Our Mission Is Bold

We are innovating new ways for customers to organize their enterprise data.

Our People Are Worldly

We attract smart and enthusiastic colleagues from around the world. Together, we live by the same code: We commit to deliver, we are fearless, we create the future, we compete together, and we pursue excellence.

Our Leadership Is Proven

Our executive team is experienced running large, high-performing organizations to support complex, mission-critical needs for global customers.



I work with amazing people who hustle for the team, not for themselves. It is never a case of 'that’s not my KPI'.
Didier Amyot
Software Engineer
I love our collaborative culture that makes it easy to discuss ideas with people from different departments and even our leadership team.
Ezzati Shaiful
Account Manager
The Behavox culture is simply a shared way of doing something with ambition, skill, and passion.
Fahreen Kurji
Chief Customer Intelligence Officer
Everyone is inspired by the company vision and knows the role they play in making it come true. Nothing is as rewarding as this sense of unity and contribution.
Mariia Mikhailova
Data Analyst
There are so many role models throughout the company; people at the very top of their game who continuously strive to improve despite all of their achievements. We have the right people.
Nabeel Ebrahim
Chief Revenue Officer


Perks & Benefits

We pay fairly, objectively — and above average

Our premium compensation philosophy attracts top talent around the world by understanding — and beating — Radford market averages.

Bonus is part of your salary

Employees can do more with their earnings when they have assurance of predictable income.

Receive options for making an impact

We grant options as a reward for making great contributions to the company and our customers.

Purchase equity with no strings attached

You’re building Behavox. You deserve a path to ultimate ownership too.

Health insurance for the whole family, free of charge.

We believe healthcare is a basic human right. We compete together, which means we take care of each other.

World-class relocation program with visa and citizenship sponsorship

To truly be a global company, merit should have no borders.

Great office culture

We like spending time with each other. When we return to the office, we will develop deeper emotional connections that strengthen our teamwork and morale.

OKR-based management

We are an achievement culture. We enable you to create and execute with a clear understanding of the company’s multi-year vision and goals.


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