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Unleashing the power of AI (Large Language Models) and behavioral analytics to proactively detect and prevent insider threats using communications data

Client Testimonials

The depth of insights that communications can provide into potential motives and human risk is astounding. Behavox has truly set a new benchmark in this domain.

Head of Insider Risk,
Tier 1 Investment Bank

Behavox’s unique insights on disgruntlement and flight risk compelled us to foster collaboration across departments, breaking down silos and enabling early intervention for risk mitigation.

Global Asset Management Firm

Behavox does the job with far less false positives, safeguarding us from malicious acts like espionage, data theft, and fraud, without overwhelming our team with keywords and alerts.

Large Tech Firm

With Behavox’s managed services, I can expand risk coverage and strategically allocate my limited resources towards taking action rather than reviewing alerts.

Sr. Manager, Insider Risk,
US based Pharma Company

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