Language Coverage

Fraud speaks multiple languages –
your Compliance program should as well


  • Stalking
  • Acechando
  • Traquer
  • Förföljelse
  • Forfølging
  • المطاردة
  • ストーキング
  • 跟踪
  • Punishing
  • Agotador
  • Punir
  • Bestrafung
  • Straffe
  • Bestraffa
  • Å straffe
  • معاقبة
  • 罰する
  • 惩罚
  • Isolation
  • Aislamiento
  • Isolering
  • عزل
  • 隔離
  • 隔离
  • Intimidation
  • Intimidación
  • Einschüchterung
  • Skrämsel
  • Trusler
  • التخويف
  • 脅迫
  • 恐吓


We had escalations in Spanish on the first day of activating Behavox policies

Global Head of Compliance Surveillance,
Global Investment Bank with major operations in LATAM

Behavox’s deep appreciation of our linguistic, cultural and regulatory nuances made them the solution of choice for us.

Head of Surveillance,
North European Investment Bank

Behavox AI monitors non-English communications of employees posing a higher data exfiltration risk due to growing geopolitical tensions.

General Counsel,
Global US Based Hedge Fund

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