The First-Ever Behavioral OS

Behavox is an AI-driven platform that transforms behavior in the financial workplace.

The First-Ever Behavioral OS
Transform your company from the inside out

Transform your company from the inside out

Discover hidden patterns across teams, departments, and business activities with Behavox. Armed with new insights on everything from employee performance to sales and profits, you can kickstart change in ways you only imagined.

“AI and data analytics have the potential to transform the financial industry”
David Hardoon, MAS
The workplace <br />
is not just a place

The workplace
is not just a place

Today’s financial institutions work increasingly in the digital realm. Behavox allows you to capture, interpret, and improve behavior, no matter where it happens.

“This is a revolutionary time for the financial services industry.”
Kavita Jain, FINRA
Behavior? <br />
Your company’s master key

Your company’s master key

Your company is teeming with behaviors that either drive or delay your success. Behavox helps you identify both, arming you with knowledge about how your business really works.

“It’s going to be difficult for financial institutions to compete if they are not looking at how they understand their clients better through use of data tools”
Adrian Poole, Google Cloud Platform UKI
The best discoveries <br />
lie deep within your data

The best discoveries
lie deep within your data

Everything your people do leaves a trail of data behind. Our AI grasps the data’s context, understands its meaning, and reconstructs its source behavior. You’ll discover patterns across your entire organization—setting you up to make game-changing shifts in your business.

“You will need perfect, or near perfect data and the right lineage back through to understand everything that has happened”
Nick Millman, Accenture Digital

Unleash the collective power in your people

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