See your data in a new light

Powered by machine learning and advanced analytics, Behavox is your organization’s single entry point for all internal data, transforming your blind spots into competitive advantages by mitigating risk and identifying revenue opportunities.

Aggregate –
No data left behind.

We recognize the majority of today’s work occurs in the digital realm. With over 150 connectors and counting, Behavox ingests any structured or unstructured data your company currently captures.

Analyze –
Content, context, and communication.

From compliance to CRM automation and beyond, connect the dots using AI to find patterns otherwise impossible to detect. Harness insights from voice and text data, using more than 80 out of the box algorithms and an intuitive, machine learning workshop.

Act –
Stop waiting for insights.

A full suite of reporting, visualizations, advanced case management, and more ensure that your team will have everything they need from the start. No more tuning, no more waiting; get straight to work transforming your organization.

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