Behavox Intelligent Archive

Regulatory archiving, search, analysis, and data export across 100+ communication channels, including voice


Other product highlights

PST Export

Search data with
advanced filters and
seamlessly export
selected content.
Revisit downloads and
share URLs internally to
seamless collaboration
across teams.

Retention Policies

Choose your own
retention policies for
each data integration,
ensuring data management
aligns with your
specific needs and
compliance requirements.

Legal Hold

Search by keywords, datatypes,
domains, or employees and
filter the content you
want to put on legal hold.
Store relevant case
information and turn off
legal hold on successful
case/investigation closure.

Advanced Search

Experience the power
of Google-powered
advanced search capabilities.
Surface relevant content
within minutes using keywords,
datatypes, domains,
employees, or dates.

Modern and Intuitive UI

Intuitive, fast, and
new-age user
experience to review
content in native UI,
compliance and
legal workflows with
efficiency and ease.

Data Quality Reports

Periodic emails, and
API integrations for
direct extraction of
data quality reports,
ingestion logs, and
other statistics into
your systems.