I am pleased to confirm that we have successfully closed the gap in capture and surveillance of WhatsApp. Solution implemented by Behavox demonstrated all necessary functions and successfully passed the regulatory inspection.

General Counsel,
Global Investment Bank

Solution Highlights

Passed regulatory inspections

Behavox implementation of WhatsApp passed regulatory inspections and was proven to meet remediation requirements

Simple and fast implementation

WhatsApp implementation made as easy as email ingestion. Robust data capture based on official WhatsApp API, secure integration with Behavox via SMTP(S)

Battle-tested in production

Successfully deployed and tested by multiple global banks and asset managers

Data capture completeness

No gaps - Behavox integration captures WhatsApp text, voice and attachments

Leading AI-based surveillance in the market

Fully AI-based surveillance through Behavox Quantum. 3,000x more effective than existing solutions. Full risk coverage including Market Manipulation, Conflicts of Interest, Financial Crime and others
It took us less than 3 weeks to implement Behavox WhatsApp integration across the entire firm. 3 weeks! The entire process was painless and easy. In my 20 years in Compliance Technology I struggle to remember many integrations that would be measured in weeks versus months.

SVP, Compliance Technology,
Global Asset Management Firm

Partnerships with
leading capture solutions

Giving Behavox customers an unparalleled ability to record and govern conversations taking place over WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, WeChat, Telegram, Signal, and LINE


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