Enterprises produce incredible volumes of data from myriad channels and platforms. But harnessing the critical insights hidden in that data is challenging. Behavox solves that problem. We aggregate and analyze data to mitigate blind spots to prevent compliance and security breaches. Behavox integrates with dozens of applications and more than 150 data types across multiple languages. The following are examples of the many applications we support.


We capture email content directly from the source and preserve its original formatting, including threading and attachments.


We capture data from the most popular messaging and collaboration platforms to balance productivity and compliance requirements.

“We’re delighted that the world’s leading financial institutions are using Microsoft Teams to enable their employees to communicate and collaborate on a global scale. By integrating with Behavox, those institutions are able to harness the power of Teams to help them meet their regulatory obligations and minimize risk.”

Pete Daderko, Director of Product
Marketing for Microsoft Teams Phone


We capture data from leading mobile messaging applications to enable employee communications flexibility, without compromising compliance.


Ensure your employees are using social media responsibly while adhering to compliance and company standards.


We don’t just capture voice data. We apply our proprietary technology to accurately transcribe audio conversations in multiple languages and make them fully searchable.


When it comes to compliance, no stone should be left unturned. That’s why we capture structured data from a range of additional platforms and can integrate new data types quickly.


Our solutions also mine rich employee data for an even more detailed picture of your workforce.

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