Behavox is held up as best in class in this in-depth piece by journalist Katherine Heires on how banks are looking for holistic fraud-busting surveillance solutions.

Behavox leads the field in melding artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral analytics to make transaction and conduct-monitoring far more precise, automated and cost-efficient.

In the piece, titled ‘A Threat to Bad Actors: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence’, it is revealed constitutional spending on AI for surveillance technology will reach $1.46 billion by 2021, and compliance headcount will fall, according to Opimas research.

Behavox head of regulatory intelligence Alex Viall talks about the company’s algorithms and how they incorporate facts, evidence and outcomes of every significant financial services enforcement case in the U.S. and Europe over the last 18 years.

Special mention is given to the nature of Behavox’s self-learning algorithms, they can home in on specific concerns, perhaps fraudulent behavior or collusion among traders, employees’ stress levels, or understanding client behaviors.

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