Josh Ballard

Our CEO and founder Erkin Adylov recently spoke with a group of reporters in a virtual event to address industry trends and customer concerns, such as how the work-from-home (WFH) environment is producing increases in bad behavior.

In addition, Erkin  shared his perspective on what makes the cut for his what-keeps-the-CEO-awake-at-night list. No surprise, WFH ranks highest, as it threatens the integrity of compliance efforts for financial operations like never before, and opens the door to increases in sexual harassment, bullying and racism, as employees now think management is no longer watching.

Erkin then explored the ramifications of using a racist slur over corporate communications channels such as Slack, email or text.

“People assume the digital domain is a complete wild west, and that anything goes,” said Erkin. “Customers are coming to us and asking if there’s anything Behavox can do to help identify these misconduct events, and if there’s anything we can do to reduce the amount of work required to find it.”

“Across the globe, while there is an increased industry-wide focus on compliance, which has never been more important for firms, there is also an increase in HR departments and firms wanting to do the right thing and install a solution like Behavox to help them protect their employees from misconduct on a proactive basis.” 

So what is a CEO to do?

Erkin described how Behavox uses AI and machine learning to organize enterprise communications into one cohesive dataset, using the analogy of a librarian who makes chaos out of one billion emails, texts, Slacks and Zoom meetings thrown on the floor of a library, organizing all of the data into one structure so everything can be easily found. 

And that’s exactly what the mission of Behavox is, he concluded, using artificial intelligence to organize all the internal enterprise data in the world and make it useful.