Jody Houton

“In short, we want to use AI to catch bad actors… so the obvious question must be: ‘What is the definition of a bad actor?’” 

This question was posed, and later answered, by Erkin Adylov, Founder and CEO at Behavox, who was speaking at the January edition of TD Securities’ regular “Innovation with a Purpose” event.

The hour-long session, hosted by Lara Morgan, Associate Vice President, Global Third-Party Management Office, at TD Securities, was the perfect opportunity for Erkin to share what makes the Behavox culture so unique, and why our ‘Commit to Deliver’ approach is so integral to our relationships with customers, including TD Securities.

“When we work, we want to make sure we deliver on our promises. We commit to deliver – that’s one of our core values. There’s also a strong culture of sharing. In fact, at our annual Hackathons, we encourage the sharing of stories – we call it campfire sharing, where we split into multiple smaller teams, and each one has to think about a story that exemplifies ‘Commit to Deliver’. It is in times like these – in these rituals – where the true colors of the company come out.”

Our partnership with TD Securities is already off to a great start, with a joint award win for ‘Most Innovative Technology Partnership with a Financial Institution’ at the inaugural Canadian RegTech Awards.

While we assist TD Securities to deliver a holistic approach to monitoring, by integrating communications and conduct surveillance, Lara added that the value of Behavox goes way beyond that.

“Behavox is really an insights company. It can determine anything from the strength of client relationships to potential security risks. Behavox also understands what it takes to create a culture that supports fairness and anti-bias.”

Lara Morgan, Associate Vice President, Global Third-Party Management Office, at TD Securities

While Behavox is working on a number of exciting innovations in the AI and machine learning space (we will be able to share more information very soon), Erkin was able to reveal the Behavox vision for the future, which began with his definition of “bad actors”.

“Well, a bad actor is a person who is going to engage in illegal things, immoral things, or malicious things. It’s the one person who could be a destructive force to the organization. Typically when people think about reg-tech or compliance or archiving, they tend to think it’s all about insider dealing, it’s all about front running or market abuse. 

“It is about that to an extent, but it’s also about the protection of the organization from things like intellectual property. It’s also protecting the company from physical harm. So we now actually have predictive models that can predict if somebody is going to commit harm that is directed towards other employees, so it obviously means that you can now reach out to these people and you can try to help them.

“So our vision is to stay true to this and think about how we can start identifying these very specific behaviors that are now exhibited in this digital domain, that we are calling an organization’s ‘digital headquarters’.

“There’s a few really cool areas where we’re breaking new ground with innovative uses of machine learning technology that will revolutionize how organizations capture bad actors.”

Erkin Adylov, Founder and CEO at Behavox

If you would like to learn more about Behavox’s product offering, and how we empower financial institutions to identify bad actors, visit our events page for the latest listings of upcoming webinars and fireside chats.