The 11th edition of the Radar magazine, featuring comprehensive analysis from the world of finance, compliance, and corporate governance is out now.

In this issue, we examine the compliance revolution taking place at the very heart of Nordic banking, and explore how a new drive from the Japanese government may finally rid the industry of its fear of Big Data.

We also sit down with industry veteran Bob Mendelson, who discusses his 40+ year career in legal and compliance, and shares his opinion on whether surveillance solutions should be used to identify non-financial misconduct. 

Radar 11 also features an interview with Gagan Gulati, Chief Product Officer at Behavox, who discusses what the future of archiving has in store for enterprises, and the insights and opportunities available to those with the courage to grasp them. 

Looking forward, we examine how U.S. firms are bracing themselves for a tougher regulatory environment in the coming months, now that the Democratic Party is once again in power. 

For all of these stories and much more, download Radar 11 now.