Erkin Adylov, CEO Behavox, responded to Sarah O’Connor’s article in the Financial Times on the role of technology in the workplace. His response titled “Skills in boardroom have to evolve as AI marches on” was published on the FT website. Behavox publishes the full text of the letter:

It is refreshing to read Sarah O’Connor’s analysis of the role of technology in the workplace (“Robots will drive us to rethink the way we redistribute work”) and not pit machine against man. When automation and artificial intelligence become more mainstream and take decisions there will be a displacement effect. The impact of both should be contested. New technology may be a net creator, not net destroyer of jobs. Of equal importance, is that the skills required in the Boardroom will need to evolve. Technology will remove some functions and decision making requirements. In doing so it will increase the premium on other attributes not yet apparent in AI but abundant in humans, such as creativity and original thought. The company of the future will operate on a different platform and competitiveness will derive from the smartest combination of data analytics and human ingenuity.