VIDEO – The next level of human technology is here — literally. According to the leader of a company that leverages the power of AI to transform workplace behavior, people are morphing into machines, right now.

“[Humans] are going to become robots,” said Behavox CEO Erkin Adylov to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Thursday. “Essentially artificial intelligence is going to bring a lot of enhanced capabilities to us.”

According to Adylov, the new technology is making humans so much more productive.

“If you are a Behavox customer, you’re already a cyborg. In compliance you’re already a cyborg. You’re able to process huge volumes of data using our software and identify needles in the haystack,” he said. “And if you are a sales trader or a trader using our software then you’re able to do market-making on a scale that is unmatched by humans.”

Last year, the World Economic Forum released the “Future of Jobs Report,” which highlighted that automation will lead to the displacement of 75 million jobs, but also create 133 million jobs by 2022. It also found by that same time period, 42 percent of task hours will be performed by machines versus 58 percent by people. Adylov said he is seeing job growth spread from his company to customers.

“I did think a lot about it because I thought, well, surely compliance people are going to lose their jobs. The funny thing is Behavox is creating jobs. Not only are we hiring people but also our clients are hiring people because the capabilities that we bring and the capabilities that we unlock are completely new. And to process those capabilities they are actually hiring people.”

In order to thrive in the new humanoid environment, young people should gear their education towards “the skill of the future,” which Adylov perceives to be computer analytics and the ability to work with scripts.