New York – April 2024 – Behavox, the leading provider of AI-powered archiving, compliance and security solutions is dedicated to guiding clients through the complexities of the new EU Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA), the first-ever comprehensive AI legal framework. For detailed insights and an understanding of how this impacts you, download our white paper “EU Artificial Intelligence Act: Implications for Customers and Behavox Surveillance Software” below.

Since the approval of the AIA by the European Parliament on March 13, 2024, Behavox has conducted an in-depth examination of the Act’s implications, particularly how it will affect operational, compliance, and strategic levels within the company and among its clients. This analysis ensures Behavox continues to provide AI solutions that not only comply with the latest regulatory standards but also set industry benchmarks in trust and reliability.

“The AI Act is a significant milestone in the journey towards a regulated AI landscape and offers a clear framework for companies like Behavox to align our technologies with EU values,” said Erkin Adylov, Founder & CEO of Behavox. “Our commitment to upholding the highest standards of compliance and security is stronger than ever, and we’re prepared to lead the way in adapting our operations to meet these new requirements.”

Key highlights from the AI Act include stringent measures for high-risk AI systems, requirements for transparency, and enhanced data governance to prevent risks and discriminatory outcomes. Behavox’s solutions, particularly in communications surveillance and risk management, are designed to fully meet these new standards, ensuring customers operate within a secure and compliant framework.

“Adhering to the AI Act not only reinforces our dedication to excellence but also positions Behavox as a pioneer in the ethical deployment of AI technologies,” added Fahreen Kurji, Behavox’s Chief Customer Intelligence Officer. “This commitment builds on our robust track record of global AI implementation, with our clients representing our AI solutions to model risk management teams and presenting them to regulatory bodies worldwide. We welcome the EU’s AI Act, ensuring our clients access advanced and compliant AI tools for their operations.”

Behavox invites industry professionals to explore how its AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) meet new EU standards. As the AI Act approaches full implementation, Behavox remains at the forefront of regulatory compliance and innovation. For a deeper understanding, download our comprehensive white paper and join our upcoming webinar on May 20, 2024 hosted by Francois Suanez, Compliance Manager SME at Behavox, for an in-depth discussion. Register here.

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