Lee Walton

Behavox recently hosted a series of breakfasts for senior compliance and surveillance leaders from the commodity trading and investment banking world. Attendees joined us at No 1 Lombard Street, London to take part in a number of discussions revolving around monitoring, surveillance and the contemporary compliance landscape, specifically:

  • How do you effectively monitor everything that makes up your digital HQ?
  • Are surveillance leaders choosing to stick with tried and tested lexicons because they simply don’t understand true AI?
  • Has Citigroup done the industry a favour by their failures relating to the detection of market abuse?
  • Are your alerts benefitting the whole firm and driving organisational behavioural change?

Lively discussion topics included: challenges trading data, monitoring Whatsapp/WeChat, surveillance vendors & AI education. A number of interesting points came up during discussions, namely that the landscape of surveillance needs to change, an interesting take on surveillance considering we’re just weeks away from an event where a major topic is the changing landscape of surveillance, feel free to take a look at that event where Behavox is lead sponsor here: XLoD Global London.

Attendees were also in agreement that due to advancements in tech, such as Behavox Quantum, it is to be expected that AI will be more widely adopted in compliance efforts thanks to its ability to amplify the ability of the compliance team.

Several attendees at the breakfast roundtable expressed interest in joining us at our upcoming conference AI 101 for Compliance and Security in New York, if you haven’t heard about this yet, take a look at the link above, spaces are limited so make sure to sign up fast!